09 March, 2010

Bulbul Watching - Part 2

My worst fears came true yesterday morning :(

When I discovered broken eggs and lots of feathers near the shrub, I didn't have to check in to realise what had happened. What a bad start to my day!

A few minutes later, I heard the continuous cry of a bulbul. Was it the male - searching/grieving? Or, was it the female, who may have fought before flying away? I will never know.

Hopefully, these bulbuls will not build their future nests at low levels.

Anyway, my attempt at getting to know about a bird's life had come to an abrupt end.



  1. That was really sad, after all the hard work:(
    Wonder what they will do next?

  2. For them, a new cycle of life would have begun. Animals and birds recover quickly from losses. Maybe, I should shoo away birds if I catch them building nests at low levels!!

  3. please don end ur hobby of knowing about birds life.Continue it ..its very enjoyable and it can turn into a favorite pass times..!


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